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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

B is for...


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Sometimes you have to embrace
The fact that you must show your face
And if you should fall
At the party-cum-ball
You'll stand out, even if you lack grace.

  Limericking my way through the challenge on this blog, and book blurbing  over at Princess of Procrastination for the April A-Z. Please drop by!


  1. I laughed at your pic on this B is for balls A to Z challenge. It reminded me that I dislike any sport that has a ball - since they always, even across a crowded gym, mange to find my head or face.
    Give me dancing, running, gymnastics, martial arts, anything but a ball. lol

    1. Hi Andrea!

      Yeah, I'm not a ball person either... I'm far too clumsy for anything that requires throwing and catching (or kicking, for that matter). :D

  2. Wonder if you can purchase grace?