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Thursday, 17 March 2011

All About Ella

Name: Eleanor Gibson

Nicknames: Ellie, Ella

Age: 24

Hair: Black, shoulder length, naturally curly, inclined to frizz.

Eyes: Two (both of them blue)

Height: 5'1

Weight: 9st 4lbs / 130 lbs

Occupation: General errand girl at Cardiff Mode, the premier modeling agency in Cardiff, Wales.

Most Likely To Say: Mine's a double; crap.

Least Likely To Say:  A lady never swears; A drink? No thank you, I'm strictly tee-total.

About Me: I swear far too often, at least, that's what Muse says, anyway. Of course, Muse is my cat, and what do cats know about swearing? Still, I guess I should probably try to curb my urge to curse. I've been called clumsy - especially lately! - but usually I'm quite steady on my feet. Unless I've had a bit too much vodka, of course, but that goes without saying. Muse says I should drink less frequently, and choose wine as the more ladylike option, but again, she's a cat, so I tend not to take too much notice. Unless she's talking about fashion, that is. Considering she's feline, she's given me some amazing tips on my wardrobe...

I really enjoy my current job, despite the fact that I'm surrounded by beautiful Amazonian Goddesses. I suppose some people would find that a bit intimidating, but not me. Of course, it helps that I'm best friends with both the head photographer and the make-up artist. The girls know that they can't be horrible to me or they run the risk of panda eyes and unflattering shots . Of course, Jake and Danny would never be so unprofessional, but the girls don't know that, do they?

Aside from my best friends, and my talking cat, I also have a great dad who lives near by, and I see him several times a week. Oh, and an ex-stepmother. Unfortunately.

Well, every girl has her problems...

More character profiles coming soon!

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